Private Investigator

Magnifying Glass with Eye - Surveillance - Investigation [Image © venimo -]

[Image © venimo –]

Our investigative services include the following:

Corporate Investigative Services – Our team can assist with pre-employment screening, resolving internal employee disputes or uncover fraudulent employee behavior.

Find Missing Persons – Linked Investigations can locate lost friends, family members, witnesses, debtors and more.

Infidelity and Abuse – Our professional private investigators have uncovered and stopped child and elder abuse. We’ve also assisted the victims of infidelity to catch cheating spouses and uncover important information.

Lawyers and the Legal System – Our team will help with your legal issues by producing accurate, timely and credible evidence for trials, custody cases and more. Linked Investigations can work directly with your attorney in situations of divorce, family law, business matters or criminal and defense to reach the best outcome. We have also been called upon to serve as expert witnesses.

General Investigative Services – Our services also include Asset searches, complete background checks, surveillance, civil records search.

Not Certain? – If you aren’t certain what type of investigative assistance you require, that’s not a problem. We would be happy to discuss this with you during a free and confidential consultation.

Feel free to contact us with your questions, or to request a complimentary consultation. Call (714) 432-9911 or email us at Please let us know the most appropriate time to reach you, and whether we have permission to leave a voice mail message if you don’t answer.



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